Palmier Artificiel (5)

  • Cycas plante verte artificielle en pot, 75 cm

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  • Mini-Palmier artificiel vert en pot, 70 cm

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  • Mini-Palmier artificiel vert en pot, 100 cm

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  • Mini-Palmier artificiel vert en pot, 120 cm

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  • Palmier bambou vert Lady Palm en pot, 90 cm

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Tropical Palm Tree
Part of Homescapes’ collection of Artificial Trees, the artificial palm tree range features an array of palm trees in a variety of styles. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they will add a touch of greenery without the necessary care and attention associated with real trees and plants. A popular addition to many homes, fake trees and fake palm trees introduce natural beauty and a botanical look into a room, complementing many room colours and styles. A well liked tree that is typically a struggle to grow in the UK due to weather, choose from a leafy lady palm or a large leaf mini palm to introduce that tropical feel into any home.

Artificial Palm
Handcrafted from a sturdy plastic, these chunky leaves are wrapped around a lifelike, real wood, coir covered trunk and are potted in a sturdy plastic pot. To care for your artificial palms it is recommend that they are dusted regularly and kept away from direct sunlight to preserve the colour.